Join the fight to protect organic agriculture

The decision to challenge Monsanto and Aventis was not made lightly - the cost of not acting was even higher. But this case won't succeed without the help of the many hundreds of allies, friends and supporters - people such as yourself - who want to ensure that certified organic grain farming continues to exist on the prairies, and that Canadian-grown wheat will remain free of GMO contamination.

OAPF display at IFOAM Congress Lots of interest in our display at the IFOAM Congress 2002

What you can do

Here are some ideas of ways that you can help raise awareness and raise funds for the lawsuit. Please join us in this historic struggle in any way you can.

OCIA cheque presentation OCIA International presents SOD OAPF with US $5,000 at the IFOAM Congress, August 2002

  • Buy organic food.

    If you don't already know, find out where organic food is sold in your community. If nobody sells organic in your town, talk to store managers about it and encourage them to supply some organic products. Tell your friends how good organic food is. Our best argument is the fact that consumers want to eat certified organic food, and more and more people are seeking out and buying organic products.
  • Download and print

    a stack of brochures (PDF 52KB) and set them out in your local organic food store or anywhere else you think would be appropriate.
  • Talk about it in your circles.

    Get this issue onto programs and agendas of the organizations you know of. Service clubs usually have luncheons with a speaker. Be that speaker, or find someone else who could do it.
  • Look for ways to have it as a topic

    for a public and/or membership meeting sponsored by a community association, church/faith group, international development organization, consumer group, co-operatives, health committee, union local, womens group, human rights organization, environmental group, etc. You can make presentations or lead discussions about the lawsuit and the reasons for it. Mention the website and let people know how important their contributions will be.
  • Write an article

    or do a radio or cable TV spot. Use the material from this website as your basic set of facts. Talk to local people about their opinions. Say why you think it is important. Tell how it affects your own personal life. Interview a certified organic farmer in your area. You can get your story published in you local newspaper, the newsletter of your organization, specialty magazines that deal with food, health, environment, agriculture, rural life, etc. You can get your radio story broadcast on your local community or public radio station or on the CBC. Talk to a producer for help with the technical side of things.
  • Write letters to the editor

    to you local paper and/or magazines you read whenever you see an opportunity to promote the lawsuit and/or the issues that it deals with. Call in to open line shows and "talk-back" lines. Send in comments to the TV stations' "your turn" spots.
  • Tell your friends

    and associates in conversations, on the phone, by email and snail mail.
  • Add a link

    to SOD's website on your website and in your email signature.
  • Put up an information table

    and hand out leaflets at the Farmers Market, at food, environment, and social justice related events and conferences, on campus, etc. Collect cheques payable to SOD OAPF on site, and mail them to the SOD office.
  • Tell us your experiences.

    (email link)
    Let us know how your fund-raising efforts went, what you did, where you were, how people responded, etc. We'd like to share your ideas and let everyone know that we are not alone in this fight.
  • Here's a letter

    written by a coalition of Japanese consumers' and organic farmers' organizations and individuals.

Contact us

Arnold Taylor
Chair of OAPF Committee

Marc Loiselle
OAPF Communications and Research Director

Saskatchewan Organic Directorate
Organic Agriculture Protection Fund
Box 32066
RPO Victoria Square,
Regina SK S4N 7L2