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  • F.P. Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd donates $1,000 to OAPF

    Dear Arnold,

    Hello. It's been awhile, hope things are going well for you, Arnold as well as your Organization in your efforts to stop the short-sighted actions of Monsanto and Bayer from proceeding any further on their path of attempting to re-invent Nature.

    We know that organic food consumption is growing at a rapid pace of 20% (and up to 25% growth per year depending on the country) in the G7 Countries. At the present growth rates of organic food consumption fuelled by a growing awareness of millions of health conscious people wanting to take back control over their own and their families' health, I think we are going to see in the next 10 to 15 years, that the majority of people are going to come to see the errors in chemical and GMO farming.

    Therefore we enclose our cheque for $1,000 to support your legal efforts to do what is right and good for us all. Keep up the good work. We are rooting for you, and we trust that our Creator will be doing His Part to help you and those around you who are doing your best to stop the destructive actions of big corporations that have lost touch with Reality or Natural Laws. As Zeno, a great philosopher who lived during the time of 265 to 335 BC, was to have said: "The goal of life is to live in Agreement with Nature (natural laws)."

    Respectfully yours,
    Joseph Bourgault, President

  • "Enclosed please find a donation to help the support the Saskatchewan farmers' lawsuit against Monsanto Canada and Aventis Canada. We truly appreciate all the efforts you have exhausted to protect not only your right to farm GMO-free but in essence, ALL of our rights to farm and eat GMO-free!"
    Best wishes from your friends in Wisconsin!

  • "Here is a small donation to help with your 'genetically modified crops' case. I deeply appreciate the work of farmers. Healthy food is the backbone of a healthy country."
    British Columbia

  • "To my way of thinking trans-species genetically modified organisms have the potential to have the most adverse effect that we have ever perpetrated on the environment, plant and animal. Concerns may be unfounded but until sufficient independent testing has been done I do not wish to be forced to, unknowingly, consume these foods, i.e. be a guinea pig. …"
    British Columbia

  • "I have never grown GM seeds but have neighbors who have and most are not longer interested in this technology because of the horrendous unpredictability about where all this could lead. Simply put, its unethical from every angle you look at it. Unfortunately, governments and the courts (to date) are a real disappointment in this equation too. Too many people see only short term dollar signs."

  • "The Kootenay Co-op is a large, member-owned natural food co-op which has sold organic foods and products in our community for 27 years. we are extremely concerned about GE foods and wish to pledge our support for every organic farmer's right to protect their livelihoods and every person's right to eat food which is clean, healthy and uncontaminated."
    Kootenay Country Store Co-op, Nelson, B.C.

  • "Farmers are said to be 'jacks of all trades', and certainly there are many obvious abilities needed to successfully manage a farm-like field management, mechanical maintenance, financial planning, carpentry, plumbing, welding, animal husbandry, etc. Besides the many abilities required for farming, I now find myself, and others, needing to be crisis managers, extension agrologists, political lobbyists, anti-GMO activists, and public speakers - all creating a stress on time management!"
    Marc Loiselle

  • "Organic farmers reject the philosophy that we must poison our environment or use radical genetic engineering of plants and animals to produce enough food for us all to eat. Promoters of biotechnology are creating a false need for genetically engineered crops and food. It is not about making farmers richer or about feeding the world; it's about feeding the companies that are the promoters and their shareholders! GE foods are being introduced into North America by stealth, with large companies using patent law as a weapon against farmers and consumers."
    Marc Loiselle

  • "… because you have consciousness, you have morality, and because you have morality you have responsibility; responsibility to continue to let this earth live for more generations to follow. Farmers are grieving the loss of choice of grains?and small seed growers and suppliers are getting shut down …"
    Dr. Danny Musqua, aboriginal elder

  • "We have over a thousand Certified Organic farmers in Sask., farming over one million acres. We have built this industry with virtually no support from governments and research institutions. The organic industry is growing at a rate of 20% a year. The Organic farmers of Saskatchewan are not going to stand idly by and watch the organic industry sacrificed on the " altar " of biotechnology."
    Arnold Taylor

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