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At Least 32 GE Wheat Free Zones in Saskatchewan

32 Saskatchewan rural municipalities have now declared themselves Genetically Engineered Wheat Free Zones and/or banned the production of GE wheat or specifically Roundup-Ready wheat; reports RM of Grant #372 Councillor for Division 4, Marc Loiselle.

Marc has been lobbying the Sask. Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) and its 297 rural municipalities since March 2001, on behalf of both the RM of Grant and the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (SOD). It may well be that other RMs have made declarations, but have not yet notified the RM of Grant.

It has also come to Marc's attention that SARM's legal counsel has been contacted in regards to drafting a bylaw to address banning GE wheat, and he has agreed to do this. Certain RMs have also stated their intentions of having a ban on the production of any and all GE field crops.

Please lobby your RM to join the growing list of GE Wheat Free Zones and help put a stop to Monsanto Roundup-Ready wheat and other unacceptable transgenic crops that threaten organic and all agriculture!

Contact Marc at 306-258-2192 or for copies of letters that went out to all Sask. RMs three times since March 2001. The RMs of, and around, Tramping Lake #380 and Corman Park #344 have received an additional letter as regards RR wheat that was grown there as part of the first year of three year Co-operative trials in Sask. in view of possible registration.

Following are the RMs who are known to have declared themselves GE Wheat Free Zones:

RM of Argyle #1
RM of Cymri #36
RM of The Gap #39
RM of Bengough #40
RM of Weyburn #67
RM of Stonehenge #73
RM of Hazelwood #94
RM of Whiska Creek #106
RM of Lac Pelletier #107
RM of Kingsley #124
RM of Chester #125
RM of Montmartre #126
RM of Spy Hill #152
RM of Elcapo #154
RM of Saskatchewan Landing #167
RM of Cupar #218
RM of Miry Creek #229
RM of Clinworth #230
RM of Last Mountain Valley #250
RM of Monet #257
RM of Chesterfield #261
RM of Lakeview #337
RM of Perdue #346
RM of Grant #372
RM of Mayfield #406
RM of Douglas #436
RM of Hillsdale #440
RM of Douglas #436
RM of Hillsdale #440
RM of Garden River #490
RM of Buckland #491
RM of Canwood #494
RM of Mervin #499
RM of Paddockwood #520

SARM Resolution

The following resolution was passed unanimously by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) in Saskatoon at their annual convention, March 15, 2001:

WHEREAS, the growing of genetically modified wheats, also known as transgenic wheats, could seriously jeopardize present wheat markets;

WHEREAS, GM wheat may be on the market as soon as 2003 and logistics and segregation systems may not be in place to deal with the introduction of these crops by this time and;

WHEREAS, the growing of GMO wheats could seriously jeopardize present wheat markets;

WHEREAS, testing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be carried out by publicly funded research institutions;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that SARM vigorously oppose the registration of GMO wheats in Canada; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Canada ban the introduction of any and all GMO wheats into Canada.

Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities office is at
2075 Hamilton Street
Regina, SK.
S4P 2B1
Phone 306-757-3579
Fax 306-565-2141

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